For copy of the current By-Laws, see the Secretary.

                            Click here to E-mail the Secretary 

The By-Laws are reviewed yearly every March. Any member may propose a change to the By-Laws. If you would like to submit a proposed change, please note the following:
  • The Deadline to submit a proposed By-Law Change is the last day in February.
  • All submissions must be in writing. Typed is preferred, but hand written is also acceptable as long as it is CLEARLY LEGIBLE. E-Mail is OK too.
  • All proposed By-Law changes will be presented to the club for discussion at the March Membership Meeting. 
  • The Proposed changes will be voted on at the April Membership Meeting. (Each club member will receive a copy of the proposed By-Law change via USPS mail prior to the April meeting.) 

Copies of the By-Laws and Range S.O.P's are available from the Secretary.

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