Range News !

From the Range Director

The Range Committee would like to remind all members to help keep the Range Areas clean. When using the range facilities, please remove all shot up targets from back stops and target stands. Also, please pick up all trash and if possible take your trash and spent targets home with you. Please do not drive on the range ! Thank you for your help keeping our club clean!

Also, the range committee would like to remind all members that when placing your targets on target stands and backstops, please be sure that the targets are high enough so that all rounds travel through your target and directly impact a berm. 




Keep Track of all upoming shoots by visiting the
 Club "Calendar" page

Bowling Pin Shoots ! !
Pin shoots are held each month.

- Pin Shoot Rules -

  • Shoot open to members and guests - spectators welcome,
  • Cost $5.00 per shooter split 50/50 winner/club,
  • Pistols only, Major caliber only - .40S&W, 9mm, 10mm, .45ACP,
  • Two categories: Standard/Stock and Open,
  • All shooters must sign waiver,
  • Five pins/shooter/stage - Pins must clear stand,
  • Winners of each stage go on to Winners bracket, losers go to loser bracket, winners of each bracket meet to determine overall winner,
  • All shooters and spectators must wear eye & ear protection,
  • Shooters report to shooting line with pistol action locked open, upon command "Load" shooters load first magazine into pistol, shooters start at "Low Ready" position, firing will commence at the 'beep' of the timer or upon command to "FIRE",
  • Shooters exit shooting line with action locked open
  • Any "Junior" (under 18) shooters must be accompanied at all times by Parent or Legal Guardian,
  • Everyone advised to bring lawn chair, water/soft drinks, lunch,
  • All available RSO's should report to the Pistol Range by 9:30am,

Range Rules and Reminders...

All guest must sign a liability waiver.

All guests who are not family members must pay $5 guest fee.

All wooded areas around the range (including the trails behind both the rifle and pistol ranges) are CLOSED until further notice for maintenance and improvements. There is to be NO activity behind either range.

Remember: Probationary member shall be allowed to take a only one guest to use the firing range.

There is also a yellow dud box at the rifle range. If you have a round that fails to fire, please dispose of that round into the yellow dud box. Please make no attempt to tamper with the dud box in any capacity.

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